The Peonia Diamond ®

A Flower, A Diamond

This exquisitely crafted diamond, exclusive to Charles Rose in Australia, was inspired by the elegant peony flower, the symbol of romance. The peony is regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage, and continues to hold a special place in many people's hearts. In designing the Peonia Diamond, the intent was to capture the delicate beauty and significance of the flower in an enduring marvel of craftmanship. Our master artisans took on this challenge and through years of art, science, skill and expertise, achieved perfection in the Peonia Diamond.


Peonia 88 Cut - Brilliant and Beautiful. Designing a diamond that reveals a pattern deep within whilst enhancing light return is a very difficult technical task. The Peonia Diamond has 88 polished facets, 31 more than the conventional round diamond, producing enhanced brilliance and scintillation. The Peonia Diamond also reveals great beauty within - patterns of delicate petal shapes radiating from the center like its namesake, the beautiful Peony flower, the symbol of romance.


The patented Peonia 88 Cut design not only reveals a peony flower pattern, but also results in a sparkle that exceeds regular diamonds. Conventional round diamonds have varying light performance, and many special cut diamonds sacrifice light performance for the extra facets. However the patented precision angles and proportions of the Peonia 88 Cut bring maximum symmetry to the diamond, resulting in a glorious dispersion of light.


The Peonia 88 Cut design of the Peonia Diamond is technically superior to a conventional diamond. The unique design took master artisans many years to perfect, focusing on each and every technical aspect and the precise arrangement of the facets.

Skilled artisans

Peonia Diamond is the result of superior craftmanship. Craftsmen are required to receive at least 1.5 years of training, where as conventional round diamond cutters only need 2 months. The difference is visible.

Quality Takes Time

The ingenious Peonia 88 Cut reflects distinctive craftmanship and attention to detail by the diamond artisans. Each Peonia Diamond takes five times longer to handcraft than conventional round diamonds. The extra time needed is worth the wait.


The Peonia Diamond's unique beauty and brillance are visible to the naked eye. However, there are extra assurances provided by respected professional organisations.

GIA Diamond Grading Certificate

GIA is the world's foremost authority in diamond grading. Every Peonia Diamond comes with a GIA Certificate. The unique GIA number, as well as the words 'Peonia 88 Cut' are engraved on the girdle of the diamond.

GemEx Light Performance Certificate

GemEx is the global light leader in brilliance, sparkle and fire certification. Peonia 88 Cut is proven, through this certificate, to be more brilliant than the average diamond.

Peonia Diamond Certificate

The Peonia Diamond Certificate is proof of the authenticity, quality and high standards that go into every piece of Peonia Diamond Jewellery.