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You’ve decided to take the plunge and propose to your significant other. Congratulations! This is a tremendous step in your relationship, and you want to make sure it’s extraordinary. After all, a proposal is something that will be remembered forever. Thankfully, Melbourne has no shortage of romantic places to plan a remarkable proposal. We’ve put together a list of 22 proposal ideas so you can plan an exquisite proposal that will delight your partner.

1. A Proposal Picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens


A magnificent way to propose in Melbourne is during a picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens. This stunning garden is home to over 8500 plant species, making it the perfect place to pop the question. Located in the heart of the city, the gardens offer a tranquil oasis for couples to relax and enjoy each other’s company. And what could be more romantic than a proposal picnic basket filled with all your favourite foods? Whether you’re looking for a classic proposal or something a little different, the Royal Botanic Gardens is sure to make your special moment even more marvellous.


2. Gourmet Engagements: Private Chefs & Elevated Dining


Organise a private chef to come and cook a romantic dinner for two at your house. Or, if you want to go all out, book a table at one of Melbourne’s best restaurants. We recommend Vue de Monde. Let the staff know that you’ll be proposing so they can help make the night extra special.


3. A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Melbourne


If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to propose, why not take your loved one on a hot-air balloon ride? Floating high above the city of Melbourne, you’ll have a front-row seat to some of the most stunning scenery in Australia. As the sun sets, you can pop the question with a beautiful ring and enjoy a champagne toast to celebrate your engagement. With its incredible views and romantic setting, a hot-air balloon ride is an amazing way to start your journey together.


4. An Intimate Proposal in the Fitzroy Gardens


If you want a truly unique and romantic setting to pop the question, look no further than the Fitzroy Gardens. Tucked away in the heart of Melbourne, this picturesque garden is home to an array of beautiful flowers. Why not take a leisurely stroll through the gardens with your loved one, and then surprise them with a proposal amongst the blooms? You will create lasting memories that you’ll both cherish forever.


5. Pop the Question at Phillip Island


Penguin Parade at Phillip Island


Phillip Island is one of the most romantic places in Australia, and the Penguin Parade is an ideal place to propose. As the sun sets, hundreds of little penguins waddle up the beach to their roosts in the sand dunes. It’s a magical experience, and your loved one is sure to say yes when you get down on one knee against the backdrop of these adorable creatures. Plus, what could be more heart warming than a proposal surrounded by penguins?


6. A Gondola Ride Along The Yarra River


If you want an unforgettable way to propose, why not do it during a luxury gondola ride along the Yarra river? As you glide through the tranquil waterways, you’ll be able to soak up the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful scenery. To make the moment even more special, you could hire a musician to serenade you as you float along. Alternatively, you could arrange for a bottle of champagne to be delivered to your gondola.


7. Art Lovers’ Proposal: Museums and Galleries


Woman at the National Gallery of Victoria


Melbourne is renowned for its art and culture, making it the perfect place to declare your love. Whether you are a history buff or an art lover, you will find a gorgeous setting for your proposal at one of Melbourne’s many museums or art galleries. For a truly romantic gesture, propose in front of a work of art that has special meaning to you both. Alternatively, take a leisurely stroll through the galleries and pop the question amidst stunning displays of painting, sculpture, and photography.


8. A Horse and Carriage Ride Through the Heart Melbourne


There’s something truly timeless and romantic about a horse-and-carriage ride through the city. You would be hard-pressed to find anything more elegant than proposing to your loved one during a leisurely tour of Melbourne on a carriage.  As you meander through the streets, you’ll be able to take in all the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. So if you’re looking for a classic way to propose, consider hiring a horse-and-carriage for a ride through Melbourne. It will be a moment that you’ll both remember forever.


9. A Proposal In The Skies of Melbourne


There is no better way to experience the beauty of Melbourne than from above. As you soar over the cityscape, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the skyline, parks, and beaches. Whether you choose to pop the question over the Melbourne Skydeck, or as you descend onto a private rooftop helipad, your proposal will be an unforgettable experience. Plus, with a little planning, you can make sure that your proposal is exquisite.


10. A Theatrical Proposal at the Princess Theatre


The picturesque city of Melbourne is the perfect place to pop the question. If your significant other loves theatre, a proposal at the Princess Theatre is a great option. Built in 1886, the theatre has played host to some of the world’s most famous performers, from the Beatles to Charlie Chaplin. Today, it continues to dazzle audiences with its spectacular architecture and grandiose design. Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s theatre district, the Princess Theatre is a superb setting for a spectacular proposal. Whether you hire a private box or take a seat in the stalls, your beloved will be swept off their feet by this lovely gesture.


11. Sail into Forever: A Yacht Proposal


Romantically set out interior of a yacht


The dreamiest proposal ever? Renting a yacht for the day to sail around beautiful Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne. It’s a magnificent setting to get down on one bended knee and ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage. The gentle rocking of the boat, the fresh sea air and the stunning views will all add to the romance of the moment. Plus, you can celebrate your engagement with a glass of champagne afterwards as you watch the sunset over the bay. It’s a luxurious experience that will leave you with cherished memories to treasure forever.


12. A Scavenger Hunt Adventure


If your partner loves adventures and surprises, a scavenger hunt around Melbourne could be a fantastic way to propose. It’s a great way to add a bit of fun and excitement to your proposal. Start at your favourite spot in the city and leave clues for your loved one to follow. End the scavenger hunt at a romantic spot, like the top of the Eureka Skydeck, and pop the question.


13. A Vineyard Tour in the Yarra Valley



The Yarra Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, and it’s no wonder that so many couples choose to get married here. One of the best ways to experience the Yarra Valley is to take a vineyard tour. There are several companies that offer these tours, and they typically last for around eight hours. Many of the tours include a stop at a winery, where you can learn about the wine-making process and sample some of the local wines. In addition, most of the tours include a stop at a scenic lookout point, where you can soak up the incredible views. If you’re looking for a wonderful way to propose, consider doing it during a vineyard tour in the Yarra Valley. You’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.


14. Sunset Proposal at Mount Dandenong Summit


Mount Dandenong provides a lovely setting for a romantic proposal. The summit offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. On a clear day, you can even see greater Melbourne and the Bays. The best time to propose is at sunset, when the sky is ablaze with colour. There are plenty of scenic spots to choose from, but one of the most popular is SkyHigh Bistro, which offers panoramic views of the valley below. As the sun sets, you can enjoy a glass of champagne and watch as the landscape is transformed into a sea of twinkling lights.


15. Pop the Question at the Brighton Bathing Boxes


Brighton Bathing Boxes


For a truly unique and Melbourne-esque proposal experience, consider popping the question at the Brighton Bathing Boxes. These iconic colourful beach huts have been a hallmark of the city’s coastline for over a century, and make for a gorgeous backdrop to any proposal. Whether you’re planning a small and intimate proposal or want to go all out with flowers and champagne, Brighton Bathing Boxes provide an exceptional setting for your big moment.


16. A Skydiving Adventure Proposal


If your partner is up for anything, then consider taking them skydiving. This is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but it will definitely be an experience that neither of you will ever forget. Make sure you have the ring securely fastened before jumping out of that plane.


17. High Tea Proposal at The Hatter and The Hare


If your loved one adores high teas, they’ll love a proposal at The Hatter and The Hare. They offer high teas in their mystical Queen’s Court for a beautiful experience with delicious treats. It would be impossible to say no under those circumstances.


18. Proposal with a Koala Experience


For animal lovers, getting down on one knee in front of some of Australia’s most iconic animals, koalas, will be an extraordinary experience they’ll never forget. The Healesville Sanctuary does Koala Experiences where you can learn all about these furry creatures before getting up close and personal with them — and hopefully getting that all-important “yes!”


19. A Serenade Under the Stars: Proposing at an Outdoor Concert


Melbourne is known for its vibrant culture and cosmopolitan flair, so it’s no surprise that the city is also home to a lively music scene. From world-renowned orchestras to up-and-coming indie bands, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for a special way to propose to your partner who adores music, consider doing it at an outdoor concert or performance such as Opera in the Park. A proposal under the stars will make for a spectacular and thoughtful proposal.


20. Sweet Moments: Proposing at Om Nom Dessert Kitchen


Om Nom Dessert Spread On Wood Table


Foodies will love being proposed to inside Om Nom Dessert Kitchen, surrounded by some of Melbourne’s most decadent desserts. Who could say no when confronted with such deliciousness?


21. A Fairytale Proposal At Luna Park


Exploring Melbourne's Luna Park, a venue ripe with excitement and joy, offers a unique proposal setting for those young at heart. Picture leading your partner into this vibrant amusement park, only to surprise them with a proposal by the iconic carousel. This moment promises to blend romance with the thrill of Luna Park, creating an unforgettable start to your life together. Enjoy celebrating with fairy floss and lively rides, marking the beginning of your shared journey with laughter and love.


22. Blossoming Proposals: Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens


Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens


Venturing 94km from Melbourne's CBD, Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens presents a serene yet adventurous setting for proposing. This hidden gem, with its circular rose maze and Lavender Labyrinth, sprawls across 25 acres of magnificent gardens, offering a tranquil yet engaging backdrop for that significant question. The maze's towering hedges and intricate pathways provide a private, intimate space for couples, making it one of Melbourne's top proposal destinations.

With so many wonderful places to propose in Melbourne, you will find the perfect spot to pop the question. If you haven’t selected an engagement ring yet, stop by one of our showrooms where one of our consultants can help you choose the perfect ring to match the perfect proposal.

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