Charles Rose

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are distinguished by their seamless row of diamonds or precious stones set in a sleek chain, epitomizing elegance and refined taste. These pieces are considered iconic, serving as a benchmark for craftsmanship and timeless design in the jewellery industry.

Why Do They Call it a Tennis Bracelet?

Originally termed line diamond bracelets, they adopted the moniker "Tennis Bracelets" following a notable event where tennis champion Chris Evert lost hers during a game, sparking a surge in their popularity and establishing them as symbols of sophisticated charm.

Can You Wear a Tennis Bracelet Everyday?

Certainly, you can wear your diamond tennis bracelet everyday; however, to maintain its lasting brilliance and prevent damage, it's recommended to remove and safely store your piece before going to bed, bathing, swimming, or engaging in cleaning activities. Routine cleaning with a soft cloth is crucial for removing any dirt or contaminants, keeping your bracelet radiant.