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How Much To Spend on an Engagement Ring?

There is no set amount that you “should” spend on an engagement ring, but it is important to factor in your budget when shopping for one. At Charles Rose, we have a wide range of engagement rings to suit all budgets. We also offer a 6-month interest-free financing option to make your dream ring a reality.

Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring In The Shower?

No, it is best not to wear your engagement ring in the shower. Your personal care products can cause grime to build up over time, which can dull your diamond and cause your ring to deteriorate. We also recommend taking your ring off before swimming in chlorinated water (such as a pool) as this can damage the metal.

How Many Carats Should an Engagement Ring Be?

The size of the diamond on an engagement ring is a personal preference. Some couples prefer a larger stone, while others prefer a smaller one. It is also important to note that the carat weight is not the only factor to keep in mind when shopping for an engagement ring. Budget and preferred diamond cut are other factors to consider as well.

What Are The 4Cs?

The “Four Cs” refer to the Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Colour. They are used to determine the quality and value of diamonds and can function as a tool to assess which engagement ring is perfect for you. At Charles Rose, we pride ourselves on only dealing with the highest quality diamonds to ensure that your engagement ring is adorned with a beautiful diamond to symbolise your eternal love.

What Are The Different Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings?

Charles Rose offers a variety of diamond shapes including round, princess cut, cushion, halo, pear-shaped and more. We also offer a bespoke engagement ring design service to help you create the perfect ring for the perfect occasion. Visit one of our showrooms to see our selection of engagement rings or to speak with one of our consultants about our engagement ring design offering.

How Do I Find a Ring That Matches My Partner’s Style?

Our Charles Rose consultants are available to help guide you to find the perfect ring for your partner. Having a sense of your partner’s style, including their preference for simple or statement jewellery and their preferred colours can help streamline the process. However, if you aren’t sure, we can still provide the necessary guidance.

What Should I Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring?

When shopping for an engagement ring, it is vital to keep the “4 Cs” in mind. The “Four Cs” of diamonds stand for Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Colour. These are the characteristics that determine the quality and value of a diamond. At Charles Rose, we only select the highest quality diamonds for the best value at each grade. So you can rest assured that you are purchasing an exquisite diamond for your loved one.

What Metal Should Engagement Rings Be Made Out Of?

The most popular metals for engagement rings are gold and platinum. Charles Rose only sources the finest metals to create breathtaking engagement rings. We use a proprietary alloy of 18-carat white, yellow, or rose gold and platinum to ensure quality, durability, and a lifetime of loving your engagement ring.

How Do I Clean My Diamond Engagement Ring?

Cleaning your diamond engagement ring is important to keep it looking its best. Therefore, each engagement ring purchased at Charles Rose comes with a lifetime complimentary cleaning at any of our showrooms. We also offer several complimentary machine polishing services to keep your ring as stunning as ever.

Is Colour Or Clarity More Important For Diamonds?

It depends on your preference. Some people prefer colourless round-cut diamonds because they believe these diamonds are the most sparkly and brilliant. Others prefer clarity because they covet the clear, nearly inclusion free aesthetic. Your Charles Rose consultant will help balance each of these factors while sourcing the perfect diamond for your needs, irrespective of whichever cut or carat weight you select.