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Are Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Round Diamond Engagement Rings?

Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are not more expensive than round diamond engagement rings. The round-cut diamond engagement ring is the most expensive cut because of its popularity. Although the cushion cut is sought after, it is not as popular as the round cut and is, therefore, less expensive.

What’s The Difference Between Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings and Princess Engagement Rings?

Cushion-cut engagement rings have a more romantic and antique feel due to the rounded corners, while princess engagement rings are more sleek and modern, with sharper corners that give them a geometric design. Both are multi-faceted with exquisite sparkle and radiance, but their aesthetic differs. If you’re unsure which cut would be ideal for you, contact one of our master jewellers for a consultation.

What Shape Is a Cushion Cut?

A cushion-cut diamond is a multi-faceted diamond, square with rounded corners. The cushion-cut is so named because it looks like a cushion. This cut is treasured for its classic elegance and charm and dazzling beauty. At Charles Rose, our master jewellers handcraft magnificent cushion-cut engagement rings for couples who want to encapsulate their unwavering commitment and love.