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What Is a Halo Ring?

A halo ring is a ring that typically has a circular or oval-shaped gemstone or diamond in the centre surrounded by smaller diamonds. The smaller diamonds draw attention to the stone in the centre, creating the illusion that the stone is larger while simultaneously adding more shine and brilliance. Halo rings are in fashion because of the radiance, shine, and uniqueness of the design. At Charles Rose, we offer a wide range of captivating and elegant halo rings to suit your needs.

What Does a Halo Ring Represent?

The word “halo” comes from the Greek word for “ring” and refers to the circle of light that surrounds the head of a saint or a holy person. As such, halo rings are thought to symbolise glory, majesty, sanctity, and holiness.

What Is a Hidden Halo?

A hidden halo is a ring that has a gemstone in the centre with small diamonds that surround it from the side. The ring is called a hidden halo because the smaller diamonds are not visible from the top and can only be seen from the sides. Hidden halo rings are more understated and are a splendid option if you prefer a softer design.

What Are The Benefits Of Halo Ring Designs?

Halo rings are an excellent option for an engagement ring because the design makes the centre stone appear larger than it is. The smaller diamonds that encircle the centre gem also add an intense sparkle that makes the ring even more exquisite. Last, the pave diamonds that encircle the main stone offers a certain amount of protection against scratches and chips.