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What Shape Are Emerald-Cut Diamonds?

Emerald-cut diamonds are rectangular in shape, with stepped facets and bevelled edges. They are revered for their unique design and aesthetic that create a hall of mirrors effect. This striking cut does not sparkle like other cuts but produces mesmerising flashes of lights and is known for its luxury and sophistication.

Why Do The Dimensions Of Emerald-Cut Diamonds Differ So Much?

The dimensions of emerald-cut diamonds vary considerably because there are no set proportions for this shape. The length-to-width ratio is usually between 1.3 and 1.6, but some emerald cuts can be as long as 2.0 or as short as 0.5. Charles Rose master jewellers are expertly trained with decades of experience and can tailor-make an ethereal emerald-cut engagement ring to your preference.

What Is The Difference Between an Emerald-Cut Diamond and a Radiant Cut?

Emerald-cut diamonds and radiant-cut diamonds are both rectangular shapes with cropped corners, but they have different facet patterns. Emerald-cut diamonds have step-cut facets, while radiant-cut diamonds have brilliant-cut facets. Radiant-cut diamonds also have a higher crown, which makes them appear brighter than emerald-cut diamonds.