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Custom Made Engagement Rings by Charles Rose

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that is as special as your love story, Charles Rose’s expert designers can make it happen with a custom engagement ring. Our experienced jewellers will work with you to uncover precisely what you want in the perfect piece. With luxurious materials and timeless designs, our one-of-a-kind rings are handmade to bring your ideas to life. Every design consultation comes with our assurance of quality - no matter how complex or delicate the design may be. At Charles Rose, we promise an unforgettable experience, unparalleled quality, and a ring that will last a lifetime through our exquisite craftsmanship. Let us help create a subtle sparkle of beautiful elegance that will always remain close to your heart.

Unique to You

Utilising cutting edge technologies for increased precision, uncompromising design elements, and an unmatched finish for your bespoke items, Charles Rose is moving the Jewellery Industry well into the 21st Century, and beyond.

Unveiling design elements previously unachievable through the hand making process alone, each individual item truly is a one-of-a-kind. Unique to you.

Quality Guaranteed

No matter how complex the design or demanding the craftsmanship, Charles Rose’s knowledgeable and experienced team of artisans can deliver an exquisite piece that will live up to your expectations. With our promise of quality, you can rest assured that you receive beautiful jewellery that perfectly symbolises the wondrous occasion. We are so confident about our superior workmanship that we offer a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship which means we’ll fix any production or manufacturing fault at no cost to you. At Charles Rose, every item crafted is handled with the utmost attention to detail, precision, and care, from concept to completion. On top of that, we offer a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship.

Premium Custom Design Consultations

The design journey with Charles Rose is an experience like no other. We take pride in working with our clients one-on-one to ensure that your every want and need is not just met, but exceeded.

We bring your design to life by combining the handcrafting skills and expertise of our craftsmen with the latest jewellery technologies.

Our aim is to create a piece that’s beautiful and meaningful, just like your love story. Our custom design consultation process is tailored to you, and begins with a conversation with one of our experienced and passionate designers. Together, we will explore what kind of jewellery piece you envision for your special moment. We will then work closely with you to create something that is unique and perfectly encapsulates the journey that brought you together.

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Computer Aided Design

Generally in the jewellery industry, Computer Aided Design (CAD) has become synonymous with mass production. Not at Charles Rose.

Our bespoke design house utilises Computer Aided Design where it is beneficial to aid in the creation of individually beautiful items, crafted specifically to fit the precise dimensions of each individual diamond and gemstone selected.

The introduction of Computer Aided Design into the Charles Rose workrooms provides our clientele with options that were previously unobtainable through traditional hand-making.

The Custom Engagement Ring Process

Once the design has been completed, our master jewellers will handcraft your special ring. Our team has decades of experience working with precious metals and stones, ensuring that the result is of the highest quality.

Hand Crafting

Our artisans meticulously oversee every stage of production - guaranteeing a beautiful piece. The piece is carefully crafted, and refined, each stone is hand-set, and the item as a whole is polished and finished, further adding to its unique character and qualities. Before handing over your new custom diamond ring, the ring is rigorously inspected and given its final blessing: a Charles Rose hallmark of quality. It is then carefully packaged with a certificate of authenticity and presented to you so that you may start your journey together.

Lab Grown Diamonds

While lab-grown diamonds are exactly that - lab grown - they exhibit precisely the same chemical and visual properties of natural diamonds. Grown from tiny seeds of pre-existing diamonds, the chemical structure of the diamond is duplicated using advanced technologies - either extreme temperature and pressure or a particular accumulation process called CVD.

Available in a variety of cuts, specifications and colours, each lab-grown diamond is unique in its own way. As an added benefit, lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds and can also be customised to exactly the size and shape you desire. We are proud to offer a selection of high-quality lab-grown diamonds that guarantee impeccable clarity and brilliance.

It is important to note the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a simulant, such as cubic zirconia, or moissanite. While these look similar to diamonds they do not share the same chemical properties or structure as natural diamonds, as lab-grown diamonds do.


We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact, and are actively working on minimising the amount of wastage produced. This ensures that the rings you purchase are made with quality and sustainability in mind.

At Charles Rose, we create more than just jewellery—we craft memories. Let us help you commemorate your special occasion with a jewellery piece that is as special and memorable as the occasion. Our team of experienced artisans will ensure that each stunning piece is crafted to perfection, making sure that it sparkles with all the magnificence of your love. Contact us today and let us help you make your dreams come to life. Together, we will create a piece that is truly extraordinary.

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Located in both Melbourne & Geelong, visit us today to learn more about our stunning jewellery designs and signature pieces.

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