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Ring Sizing Chart & Guide

Discover the importance of precise ring sizing with Charles Rose, where we embrace the elegance and unparalleled quality in our jewellery. Ensuring your correct ring size guarantees comfort, security, and that your new piece can be cherished for generations to come.

Importance of Accurate Ring Sizing

A well-fitting ring is essential for day-to-day comfort, as well as for peace of mind. Proper sizing ensures that your ring sits comfortably on your finger, combining elegance with peace of mind.

Tips For Utilising the Ring Size Chart

- Measure your finger at the end of the day when it is likely to be at its largest.

- Ensure the ring sizer is snug but can still slide over the knuckle.

- Consider the width of the band, as wider bands may require a larger size.

- Finger sizes can change depending on the weather. We recommend measuring them when you're in a warm environment, and your fingers are at their largest.

Expert Sizing Advice from Charles Rose

At Charles Rose, we understand that finding the perfect fit is crucial for your comfort and the ring's security. If you’ve used the at home methods and you’re still not sure, our experts recommend visiting one of our two showrooms for a professional measurement. Trust our specialists to help you find that perfect balance between snugness and comfort.

Commonly Asked Ring Sizing Questions

Can I change the size of my ring?
Absolutely! At Charles Rose we offer one complimentary resizing service for all engagement rings, both up and down in size. This is provided at no additional cost.

Another factor to consider is how large a difference there is between the rings current size and the ideal size you’d like it. If the ring is being sized up or down considerably, then it may need to be remade to ensure its integrity remains.

What if my ring size changes over time?
Regularly check your ring's fit, especially if your finger size changes due to weight fluctuations or other factors.

How do I find out what size ring my partner wears?
We understand this can be a tricky process, and may require some investigation. If you bring in one of their existing rings into one of our showrooms, even it’s not the right finger, this will give us a starting point and our friendly staff can help guide you from there.