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What Wedding Band Looks Best With a Three-Stone Engagement Ring?

Ultimately, it comes down to preference. Some people prefer to match their engagement ring and wedding band, while others like to choose a wedding band that complements their engagement ring. If you’re unsure, visit one of our showrooms where one of our Charles Rose consultants can guide you to choose a wedding band that will complement your style and engagement ring best.

What Are 3-Stone Engagement Rings?

Three-stone engagement rings or trilogy rings are rings that have three gemstones in the centre with the centre stone being the largest. 3-stone engagement rings are a superb choice for couples since the two diamonds on the sides accentuate the diamond in the middle, making it appear larger and more radiant. Our trilogy rings are available in both contemporary and classic cuts and are handcrafted with the highest quality diamonds.

Are 3-Stone Engagement Rings Symbolic?

3-stone engagement rings, or trilogy rings, are symbolic as the stones are said to represent the past, present, and future of the relationship. The centre stone represents the present, while the two stones on the side represent the past and the future. Due to the symbolism of the trilogy ring, it is a sought-after ring by couples who want to commemorate their commitment and everlasting love.

What Size Stones Work Best For a 3-Stone Engagement Ring?

The size of the stones in a three-stone engagement ring is a matter of preference. Some couples prefer a large fine diamond or gemstone in the middle with two smaller stones on either side, while others prefer all three stones to be the same size. Our handcrafted trilogy rings can be made to your specifications. Visit one of our showrooms to consult with one of our trained designers.