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Are Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Round Diamond Engagement Rings?

Round-cut diamond engagement rings are usually more expensive than oval-cut diamond engagement rings and can be 10 to 30% more expensive than oval cuts. This is because round cuts are in higher demand. Oval cuts are still enchantingly beautiful with a radiance not seen in other cuts but at a lower cost.

What Is Special About an Oval-Cut Diamond?

Oval-cut diamonds are sought after because they are unique, stylish, and elegant and can often appear larger than round-cut diamonds. Oval cuts have the sparkle and brilliance similar to a round cut but at a more affordable price. They have also become increasingly popular over the years and are a trendy choice for couples.

Are Oval Engagement Rings Popular?

Oval-cut diamonds are highly favoured for their unique charm and contemporary appeal, frequently seeming more substantial than their round-cut counterparts. This style's popularity has escalated, establishing it as a sought-after option among couples, celebrated for its cost-effectiveness and brilliance akin to that of the round cut.