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What Does an Aquamarine Symbolise?

Aquamarine is said to symbolise harmony, serenity, and happiness. It is also known as a stone of protection, making it a favoured choice for jewellery worn by sailors and travellers. Our aquamarine rings are revered for their beauty, brilliance, and elegance and are an exceptional option for an engagement ring or a gift for a loved one.

What Colour Are Aquamarines?

Aquamarines range in colour from pale blue to deep blue, with greenish hues in between. The most valuable aquamarines are a deep blue colour with a moderate intensity.

Where Do Aquamarines Come From?

Aquamarines are found in several locations across the globe, including Brazil, Zambia, Pakistan, and Madagascar. The largest aquamarine ever found was discovered in 1910 in Marambaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and weighed more than 110kgs.

Is an Aquamarine More Or Less Expensive Than a Diamond?

Aquamarines are less expensive than diamonds but more expensive than other gemstones such as amethysts or peridots. The price of an aquamarine can vary depending on the size, colour, and quality of the gemstone.

What Shape Cuts Are Best For Aquamarines?

Aquamarines can be cut into several shapes, including rounds, ovals, emerald cuts, and cushions. The most sought-after shape is the emerald cut, which helps to maximise the stone’s natural beauty. Our signature Arum Aquamarine ring is a perfect example of why the emerald cut is a marvellous choice for aquamarine gemstones as it perfectly showcases the beauty, brilliance, and iridescence of the stone.

Is Aquamarine as Durable as Diamond?

Aquamarine registers a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale which makes it a durable stone but not as durable as a diamond. As a result, it can be scratched more easily than diamond. However, aquamarine is still a fantastic choice for jewellery because it is less likely to chip or break than other gemstones.

How Do I Care For My Aquamarine Ring?

Clean your ring regularly with warm soapy water and a soft brush and avoid using harsh chemicals as these can damage the stone. Alternatively, bring your aquamarine engagement ring to one of our showrooms for a complimentary cleaning. When you’re not wearing your ring, store it in a soft cloth pouch or jewellery box.