Charles Rose

Our long history of designing and handcrafting fine jewellery dates back to pre-World War II France, where, in 1923, Charles Rose established his humble atelier in Metz. Quickly gaining a reputation for creating bespoke jewellery, rings and watch pieces, the Charles Rose name become synonymous with enduring elegance and class. Decades later, following the ravages of war, Charles’ nephew Frederick emigrated to Australia and continued the family jewellery design artisanship from their Melbourne store – a tradition that endures to this day with Marcus Rose, his son, at the helm.

Today, Charles Rose continues to embody the ethos of quality, beauty and timelessness in every design. As Australia’s premier fine diamond house and bespoke jeweller, we ensure our exquisite engagement rings and signature pieces are expertly crafted into unique creations epitomising excellence and everlasting love


Charles Rose Atelier is founded in Metz, France , specialising in hand made timepieces.


Nathan Rose joins his brother Charles. Fine jewellery is made in the workrooms.


The reputation of the atelier reaches beyond the region and the workrooms are outgrown.


The firm is relocated to Paris.


The workrooms are further expanded. Watchmaking is concluded. Jewellery manufacturing moves beyond made to order. Reputation grows further.


War  in Europe. The firm is closed and the  Rose Family decimated.


Charles' nephew Frederick emigrates to Australia.  Jewellery manufacturing recommences.


Marcus Rose leads the firm. The ethos of Charles and Nathan, quality and beauty, are celebrated.


A second showroom is established in Melbourne. This is later followed by a third showroom in Geelong.


Charles Rose becomes Australia's premier fine diamond house and bespoke jewellers.