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What Are The Different Types Of Pearls?

There are a few different pearls, including natural, cultured, and synthetic. Natural pearls are the rarest and most expensive type of pearl. Cultured pearls are created when a small piece of material is inserted into an oyster, which then forms a pearl around it. Synthetic pearls are manmade and are usually less expensive than natural or cultured pearls.

What Does a Pearl Ring Symbolise?

A pearl ring can symbolise a variety of different things. For some, it is a symbol of perfection and wisdom. For others, it is a symbol of elegance, grace, love, and truth. Pearls are often gifted for third wedding anniversaries.

How To Clean Pearl Jewellery?

To maintain your pearls, ensure that you wipe them with a soft cloth after each wear. When needed, clean them with a damp cloth and allow them to dry before storing them. As with all fine jewellery, take your pearls to your jeweller once a year to be inspected and cleaned.

How Do I Store Necklaces?

Fine jewellery should be stored in a jewellery box, preferably lined with velvet or felt. Pearl jewellery, in contrast, needs air and should be kept in a soft pouch or a travel pouch. Fashion jewellery can be stored in several ways, but the simplest way is to make use of individual hooks or jewellery organisers to hang your necklaces.

How Do I Layer Necklaces?

Layering necklaces is a beautiful way to add interest and style to any outfit. To layer necklaces, start with the longest necklace and work your way down to the shortest. Ensure that there are at least a few centimetres of space between each necklace to avoid a cluttered look. Be sure to mix up the textures and designs of each necklace for a more interesting look.