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What Does an Emerald Engagement Ring Symbolise?

An emerald engagement ring symbolises hope, compassion, growth, and elegance. It is the perfect gemstone for those who want to make a statement with their engagement ring. Emeralds are also said to represent fidelity, so an emerald engagement ring would be a superb choice for someone who wants to show their commitment to their relationship.

What Colour Are Emeralds?

Emeralds can range in colour from a deep green to a blueish green. The most valued emeralds are those with a deep, rich green colour. Emeralds with a lighter green colour are less valuable, but still beautiful gemstones. Emeralds with vivid saturation and even colour distribution are the most valuable.

Where Do Emeralds Come From?

Emeralds are found in many countries around the world, including Colombia, Brazil, Australia, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Russia. However, Columbia is the largest supplier of emeralds, supplying over 50% of the emeralds worldwide.

Is an Emerald More Or Less Expensive Than a Diamond?

Despite popular belief, diamonds are not the rarest and most expensive stones available. When comparing the same quality diamonds to emeralds, emeralds will usually be more expensive. Emeralds are a rarer, more valuable, and luxurious gemstone which contributes to the cost and explains why they are typically more expensive.

What Shape Cuts Are Best For Emeralds?

There are many shapes and cuts of emeralds, but the most popular shapes for engagement rings are cushion, princess, emerald, and round cut. Emeralds can also be found in other shapes, such as pear, marquise, and asscher cuts. The best cut for your emerald engagement ring will come down to your style and preference.

Is Emerald as Durable as Diamond?

No, an emerald is not as durable as a diamond. Emerald scores 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which means they are softer and more susceptible to scratches and chips. However, they are still durable enough for everyday wear provided you take your ring off during strenuous activities.

How Do I Care For My Emerald Ring?

Emeralds need to be cleaned and stored carefully to prevent damage. Avoid chemicals and harsh detergents, and only clean your ring with mild soap and warm water. When not wearing your emerald ring, store it in a soft cloth pouch or jewellery box to protect it from scratches and other damage. Each engagement ring purchased at Charles Rose comes with complimentary cleaning and polishing services